Our Placement Process

We’re here to help guide you through your options, help you understand the varied choices of communities, and how the choices you make affect you and your loved ones.


Personal Assessment

If you or a loved one is contemplating the transition to a senior living community, an important first step is assessing the level of care needed. At Senior Care AZ, we conduct a thorough senior living assessment to determine which level of care will enable you or your loved one to live the most active and engage life possible.

The assessment examines chronic illnesses, dietary requirements, ability to perform activities of daily living, ability to manage medications, and much more. This information helps you and your family make the best choice.

Contact Senior Care AZ to begin the process of a personal assessment and exploring local senior living options.


Evaluating Senior Living Options

Choosing a senior living community is a big decision that requires asking the right questions. The list of considerations can be overwhelming for both seniors and their loved ones. While a clean, well-managed community is essential, there are many other factors that are equally as important while evaluating senior living options. Quality of support services, staff experience, safety, and dedication to resident happiness are just some of the considerations worth exploring before making a decision.

At Senior Care AZ, we strive to be a trusted resource to help you make the best senior living choices for your specific needs. In other words, we are here to be your trusted resource.


Choosing the Optimal Provider

You’ve reached the point when home care is no longer an option. It’s time to explore senior living communities for yourself or a loved one. Navigating decision making can be difficult with so many communities to choose from and so much terminology to understand. You may even be unsure of where to begin. Senior Care AZ is here to make the process easier to navigate.

Our team of senior care specialists can provide you with the options available for senior living lifestyle and care—including amenities and their associated costs. We’re here to help you understand the nuances of each senior living community lifestyle and care type to identify exactly the best option.


Paying for Senior Care

When considering senior living options, a primary question is, “Who pays for it?” Financial uncertainty and confusion around coverage and policies is common, so it’s important to get the facts about Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and veterans’ benefits as part of the process of choosing a community.

The reality is Medicare and most health insurance companies do not pay for long-term care. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have coverage for assisted living. At Senior Care AZ, we don’t just help you with finding the right community. We’re here to help you understand the nuances around paying for assisted living for yourself or a loved one.


Coordinating a Seamless Transition

Moving a loved one into a nursing home or assisted living community is a big decision that impacts the entire family. The success of the transition is directly connected to a family’s level of preparedness. At Senior Care AZ, we help you and your loved one prepare for this big step – from understanding options and preparing for the move to ensuring the new surroundings are welcoming and comfortable.

We do all of this with respect, dignity, and a focus on always looking after the best interest of your loved one.


Your Trusted Advisor for Life

Going it alone to find the right senior living option can be a time-consuming, difficult task. At Senior Care AZ, we listen, understand, and advise while always staying focused on your needs. Let us help you find the best assisted living facility, nursing home or care provider for yourself or a loved one.

We do the legwork to minimize stress and worry, while saving you time. Our team is local with deep knowledge of available options in Scottsdale and throughout the greater Phoenix area. Our team of experts is here for you, providing you with peace of mind along with the unbiased, data-driven information you need to make the right decision.